Logosol Smart Timberjig

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Easy to use – and it delivers an amazing result!

Many who use the Big Mill Timberjig for the first time, are impressed by how well it works as a portable sawmill. This equipment turns a standard chainsaw into a small sawmill. With the Timberjig you can cut logs into finished planks and boards. For a small investment, you get good results and great precision at once.

Technical data

The basic package includes: Timberjig and angle irons.
Recommended bar length: 16 to 20 inch
Log diameter: Max. 23.5/8 inch

Weight: 33lb with the rail package and 11lb without the rail package.
Length: 9.8ft as standard (with the rail package). Easy to extend.
Capacity: 2-3 logs per hour.
Max. log diameter: Up to 23 5/8", with the possibility of cutting even larger logs.
Recommended bar length: 15 3/4" - 24 51/64" Recommended motor power: At least 4 hp.