Oregon .375 .050 LOW PROFILE Versa Cut Chainsaw Chain

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VersaCut Saw Chain

VersaCut saw chain is engineered with semi-chisel cutter top plates that are 33% longer than standard saw chain. VersaCut is available in a range of pitches and gauges to fit on a variety of chainsaws.

We will not be responsible if you order the wrong size chain. Please check your chainsaw bar for the proper size chain needed. Photo with tape measure shows two 3/8 chains, top is low profile or picco, the bottom is regular 3/8 chain. Both drive lengths are measured the same.

Features & Specs


  • Designed for maximum performance in a variety of cutting applications
  • All chain types have low vibration for smoother cuts and less fatigue
  • 91VXL version has 33% longer top plates than standard chain


  • Blued cutters deliver high-quality protection against corrosion for all chain types


  • Make smooth and precise cuts with all chain types
  • All versions are easy to maintain and easy to sharpen


  • Keeps saw chain oiled for less friction and a longer lifespan on all versions


  • Recommended saw sizes: Up to 42 cc (91VXL)


  • 3/8” Low Profile™/.050/ Standard (91VXL)