Logosol Smart Splitter

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Smart wood splitting

The Smart Splitter is an efficient axe that can be used by everyone in your family. It is designed with the focus on safety when you are splitting wood. This makes it great for firewood processing without the need for leaky hydraulic splitters, or slow electric splitters. Great aerobic workout while supplying wood for the fireplace. The Smart Splitter is a Swedish patented invention.

A real bestseller - over 500 000 sold!

- Safe. The Smart-Splitter is safe for everyone to use.
- Ergonomic. The Smart Splitter spares your back and shoulders. Actually, it is also a training tool.
- Efficient. The Smart Splitter always hit the log in the right place with a force of up to 14 metric tons at the edge.
- Economical. The Smart Splitter is of high quality. Due to this it has a long life.
- Convenient. The Smart Splitter takes up little space and is easy to use and to store.
- Environmental. The Smart Splitter uses no other energy than the one that gives you a good exercise.

Technical data

Max. wood length: 21.5 inches
Recommended wood length: 16 inches
Wood width: Unlimited
Striking weight: 7.75 lbs.
Total weight: 21 lbs.